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GroundProtein Crumbles



What are Ground Pro Meatless Crumbles?

Ground Pro crumbles are a easy to use plant-based protein and fiber option, 1/2 cup serving is packed with 10 grams of clean protein 6 grams of fiber. On average person needs 50-60 grams of protein and 25 grams of fiber per day.

What kind of protein do you use in GroundPro?

We use whole lentils and NOTHING else as the only source of protein. We DO NOT use, mix soy, pea protein isolets, extracts in our product.

Is GroundPro free of allergens?

Yes, It is a soy, gluten, dairy,nut free products and is NON GMO.

Does your manufacturing process produces Acrylamide?

Nope, It does not. GroundPro is made using a proprietary process that preserves various nutrients and does not produce disease causing chemicals such as Acrylamide.

Do GroundPro crumbles need to be frozen?

Nope. GroundPro is a dry shelf stable product with a shelf life of 18 months

Do you use any artificial colors, flavors to season the GroundPro?

Nope. We season our crumbles using herbs, spices and NON GMO sunflower oil.

Is GroundPro suitable for Plant Based meals?

Yes, Ground pro is Plantricious Friendly….which means it meets the requirements to be low in sodium and high in fiber!

Is GroundPro a sustainable product?

Yes!Yes!, because we use very simple technique to cook whole lentils and make dry Groundpro the energy and water use is very minimal.

Watch our manufacturing video here

How long does it take to cook the crumbles?

It takes 20 minutes to make the crumbles.

Does GroundPro has any iron?

Yes of course. 100 grams of Ground pro has 3.3 grams of iron Vs beef has 2.6 grams of iron. In addition plant based iron is better absorbed than animal sources.

Who makes GroundPro?

We at InlandEmpire Foods have been making bean based ingredients since 1986.
GroundPro is created in collaboration with a dietitian Deepa Deshmukh MPH,RDN,CDCES with a goal to make lentils flavorful and enjoyable without destroying it’s nutrient content.

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