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K-12 & Universities

“GroundPro was developed to provide a minimally processed, highly flavorful and nutritious whole plant meat alternative to support and maintain children’s physical and mental health during their growing years.”

Deepa Deshmukh Co-collaborator,

GroundProtein Crumbles


Meat/Meat Alternative

1 M/MA


Easy swap
for ground meat
in recipes!

Global Cuisine

GroundPro is a healthy way to add more diverse and culturally appropriate meals to school menus, connect with students and increase levels of participation in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).

GroundPro makes it easy and affordable to create globally inspired dishes like burritos, street tacos, bolognese, curry bowls, biryani and so much more!

Plant Powered

It’s estimated that 97% of children in the U.S. are fiber deficient. *

Fiber rich diets have been proven to help prevent, halt and even reverse chronic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and obesity as well provide mental health benefits, all currently on the rise in children in the US.

Each serving of GP has whopping 6g fiber/2 MMA.


Only plants have fiber

GroundPro is a whole plant food, made from lentils and spices. It is a delicious way to add more fiber to meals.



Good for the

Over 30 million students are provided school lunch every day. Serving recipes that are culturally appropriate and tasty will aide in reducing food waste.

By replacing one meat based meal a day for a one plant-based meal each student will be saving an estimated 200,000 gallons of water a year. **

So while students are eating something good for them they are also doing something good for the planet and their future.


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Burrito 1

Kid tested, Kid Approved

We’ve tested GP in schools across the nation with outstanding reviews from some of the hardest to please critics, kids! Chefs, dietitians, food service directors love it too! GroundPro’s meaty texture, savory flavor, meaty texture, nutritional value, versatility and ease of use makes school meals more fun (enjoyable) for everyone!

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